Choosing someone that you spend time with and date casually to have have fun, is completely different than choosing someone to date as a potential life partner.

People who date casually pursue another person who just wants to have fun. But more often than not, recreational dating and spending time with people in order to have a good time, can quickly turn into a mini marriage. Now you are living with this person, that has not been properly assessed as a long-term relationship and now you’re in a long-term relationship arrangement. And all the red flags to go along with it.

When people invest in a committed relationship, it changes the way they look at the world and the way they act. They are more willing to invest in themselves, each other’s wellbeing and their future together. Believe it or not it also changes the way people see you and the way you see the world.

Conscious Dating by David Steele, gives seven benefits of a committed relationship. You get to fulfill the most important thing on the pyramid of needs. The need for connection comes even before food and shelter.

1. Experience Compassion
2. True Intimacy
3. Family relationships
4. Doubled Economics
5. Larger Community of friends
6. Regular, safe, good sex
7. Mental/emotional/physical health/ live longer

First thing to do is get to know yourself and what you want in a relationship.

Don’t make decisions solely on feelings of attraction to the other person. Infatuation tends to block your ability to see the red flags that don’t genuinely match you and your lifestyle. This is why it is so important to commit to the 3-week course process before you meet in person.

A basic question to ask yourself is "why am I attracted to this person and do they meet my requirements?"

My courses are designed to empower and educate you in personal growth, what you really want in a relationship and how to recognize compatible attributes in another person very quickly.

I hope that you enjoy your journey!