How to take a journey without your baggage and be happy you did! So picture this you decide to go on a life journey where you're stepping out of the safe zone. You're going to try and have a deeper relationship with the person you're with now or you are thinking about being open, with hope of a long-term relationship with somebody new. Maybe a life partner? Maybe a friend to do things with without any game-playing or drama. Maybe a deeper understanding of the person you've been looking across the table at for the last 20 years.

I want to start with, a lot of times, actually often it is difficult to even recognize your own baggage. The baggage I'm speaking of is what you bring into a new relationship that is left over from an old relationship or possibly the way you were raised and the things you were told and believed. It could be something very simple to you that makes perfect sense, yet not to someone else. Being able to actually move through some of your fears and perceptions, so that you could give someone a real chance, is empowering. There are things that you have learned over your lifetime that helped you to enjoy yourself and survive whatever you needed to do to be where you are now.

A person like me, a coach who is trained to recognize that certain types of behavior or language is not helping you and possibly holding you back from having the time of your life, just may be the ticket to that journey you've dreamed about.