Change starts with being aware of how you show up and choosing to change the things that aren’t working for you anymore. If long-standing beliefs about yourself are blocking your ability to achieve your goals, consciously intentionally shift your identity to what you envision yourself to be. Think about who you want to be and intentionally start doing the actions you would do if you were this new version of yourself. If you attach something new to what is already a habit in your life, your brain will help you to continue to achieve it. Start small, change one thing at a time until it becomes a habit so your brain will feel successful. Reinforce it by appreciating yourself and your progress. Each day, take a minute to look back and see what you accomplished so you can see the shift. Don’t focus on the things you didn’t do, we don’t want our view of ourselves to limit us. Be kind to yourself.

Shifting your life habits and identity can be rewarding, I encourage you to not be too rigid. Think of your shifts as fluid, something you can do as needed, consciously.