Life is full of challenges - challenges that hurt, challenges that make us angry, and even challenges that propel us forward – but the best challenges are the ones that bring us to a greater understanding of our purpose in this life. When facing those challenges life throws our way it’s helpful to have someone on your side, coaching you along and encouraging you to make it to the finish line and Susan is a committed coach that will help you get there! By utilizing her coaching skills, she helps individuals embrace their struggles and realize their potential in being an overcomer. Susan encourages you to laugh, cry, and if necessary, get angry and through her coaching, you learn to completely embrace those challenges and attain the success you desire! Susan has faced her own difficulties in life and coupled with her intense training, she has learned the art of gaining the most benefit from the things we struggle within everyday life. She can help you embrace whatever life brings your way and help you to grow into your fullest potential. She will encourage you to seize every opportunity life has to offer and turn those difficult challenges into complete fulfillment! Susan can be your guide, supportive coach, and your forever friend!