I have had the pleasure of working with Susan Williams as my life coach over several months. I find her to be available to work around my complex schedule with the quality of coaching that I would call professional. Her insights point me straight to the heart of the matter. Then thoughtful guidance allows me to work through obstacles that keep me from my maximal performance. She is frank and honest, with twinkling humor that helps me move through situations where my own thinking holds me back. She provides an alternative framework to consider new options that I can implement immediately in order to move me forward to my goals. Susan has the expertise and experience that I am looking for to allow me to operate at a higher level. It is energizing to work with Susan! I enjoy our sessions and look forward to sharing my struggles and triumphs so that, together, we can journey onward with practical and fresh approaches to enhance my performance and enjoyment of life. Thank you, Susan. I am forever grateful for your wisdom and encouragement!