Logic and the Primal Brain vs the Survival Instinct Brain

Here is an OUTSTANDING example of how the BRAIN, operates to be sure you survive – the logical MIND would obviously say “this is BS – Velociraptors have been extinct 200 million years. The primal BRAIN says “scream/run” and is far more survival-based in terms of commanding the body, so the logic loses every time.
Another example – a cop hears a cap gun, while on patrol, turns around and shoots a kid before he has even realized he drew his weapon and fired.
The BSW techniques can separate the two, no matter the source of the trigger, they will help you in being responsive instead of reactive in any given situation.

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Any concepts in this website that refer to Energy Leadership, is based on what I learned in my coach training program with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) based on Bruce D Schneider's work in Energy Leadership. Any concepts in this website that refer to Brain Stimulated Wellness (BSW) I learned from my coach and trainer Karen Sabourin.