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Susan is a solution driven person with the win-win always in her sights. She loves helping people work together for the best possible outcome for everyone involved. She is a Certified Professional Energy Leadership Coach, specializing in PTSD/Trauma/Stress/Triggers, trained to listen, to observe and to customize her approach to each client’s individual needs. She helps people devise solutions and strategies to be able to move forward, achieving a happy, healthier life.

Having spent 11 years in the Judicial system, six of those years preparing for court and litigation, represented herself (pro-se) she can help you feel more comfortable in the courtroom and be there to help you focus on the positive side of any outcome.

Susan also practices Family Law Mediation and conflict resolution coaching, working with families through the judicial system. Helping people come up with solutions outside of the courtroom is her passion.

Her Relationship Coaching skills are essential for the new parenting rules set up by the courts or families themselves. Susan helps families move past hurt feelings or anger to be able to adjust to their new lives as parenting partners, divorced or in new blended families. She helps parents build communication and relationship skills so that they can be the best examples to their children as possible during difficult times and life changing situations.

Daily struggles and conflicts are always in our lives. She believes it is our response to them that matters.

Susan agrees with "Our lives are not dependent on whether we have conflict or not; it’s how we see conflict that makes the difference".

If you don’t want to feel like a victim of your circumstances any more and you want to be able to see life as a journey to learn from and live to the fullest, then Susan is the coach for you.

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