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Parenting Partners

When you’re faced with a parenting challenge…

Are you the kind of person who focuses on the problem or looks for a solution? 

I work with parents to help achieve consistent, productive parenting whether they are married, going through a divorce or starting a new blended family partnership.  In this journey, you will learn communication skills, boundaries and what it takes to truly co-parent your children as a team to ensure the child gets everything they need from both parents.


More often than not, high conflict parents have such a bitter history with the other person that it's difficult to see reasonable solutions. Peace comes by way of a change in perspectives.  Bringing in a neutral third party can help provide that different perspective.  Leading by example is so important to the success of your children growing up to be happy well-adjusted adults it simply must be done. I believe together we can build the skills and plan of action to succeed.


Crystal Clear Communication
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