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Susan took over leadership of a team where the members were demoralized and resentful.  Her vision, tenacity, and solution-based approach corralled the “quitters” and made us see the potential for contributing to peoples’ lives that brought us into the project in the first place.  The result is that team members are stepping forward with renewed dedication.


Shelley Amdur--MBA

I came to Susan during a difficult time in my life and marriage. Susan was instrumental in guiding me through my relationship with my wife by clarifying and teaching me to understand the underlying dynamics of emotions such as anger, love, mistrust and forgiveness. Susan's genuine compassion for her clients and her straight forward unbiased approach has helped me to rebuild my life by not losing trust in the people we choose to love but choosing to renew my trust in a healthy and lasting way. 


R&D Engineer


I have had the pleasure of working with Susan Williams as my life coach over several months. I find her to be available to work around my complex schedule with the quality of coaching that I would call professional. Her insights point me straight to the heart of the matter. Then thoughtful guidance allows me to work through obstacles that keep me from my maximal performance. She is frank and honest, with twinkling humor that helps me move through situations where my own thinking holds me back. She provides an alternative framework to consider new options that I can implement immediately in order to move me forward to my goals. Susan has the expertise and experience that I am looking for to allow me to operate at a higher level. It is energizing to work with Susan! I enjoy our sessions and look forward to sharing my struggles and triumphs so that, together, we can journey onward with practical and fresh approaches to enhance my performance and enjoyment of life. Thank you, Susan. I am forever grateful for your wisdom and encouragement!

Dr. Molly  King




"We have known Susan for almost 20 years.  At that time, we watched her truly go through "thick and thin.”  Her amazing resiliency has kept her focused and assured. Never the victim, she has made life choices that continue to benefit her and her family.  Hence the coaching skills she instinctively applied with her own children, stepchildren, and difficult ex-spouses have been successful. Her skills stem from sharp instincts, good character, and personal experience topped off by formal training. She is highly motivated to help people to self-awareness, improved relationships, and a more positive outlook on life. As a person of high ethical integrity, we know that she will be a credit to the clients she serves"

Joan March: MBA Training and communications Consultant

Fred March: BSMS-MIT Environmental Policy consultant


I have known Susan as an employee and a friend for over 30 years. She is a wise, reliable, and wonderful friend.  Her wisdom from her life is potent and valuable.  She is a true gift to have in my life.

Sara Medall

Ranch Manager



I've known Susan for over 35 years. She has never been one to shy away from a challenge.  Susan was blessed with two children and a husband she thought was her life partner.  Unfortunately, life had other plans.  Susan made the tough decision to end her unhealthy marriage and take control of her life.  Because Susan has the "never give up” and "I will succeed at all cost" attitude, she maneuvered her way through the very complex, time-consuming and often confusing justice system.

This is the Susan I have known for most of my life. Susan's journey has taken her through serious periods of adversity and she reached the other side a stronger, more empowered and determined individual. 

Susan becoming a Life Coach is a natural progression.  She has combined her natural abilities of empathy, listening skills, insight, communication, critical thinking, and ethics to become a strong, caring and motivational coach.  I can attest to her straightforward yet gentle feedback as I dealt with a number of situations during my own more than 25-year career in law enforcement.  She helped me see the many blessings in my life and construct a more positive outlook on the second half of my life. She is genuinely interested in encouraging and ushering people into the next phase of their lives.  It is exciting to know others will benefit from her mentorship and encouragement in realizing their own personal and professional goals.

Greg from California

Retired Police Officer



Life is full of challenges - challenges that hurt, challenges that make us angry, and even challenges that propel us forward – but the best challenges are the ones that bring us to a greater understanding of our purpose in this life. When facing those challenges life throws our way it’s helpful to have someone on your side, coaching you along and encouraging you to make it to the finish line and Susan is a committed coach that will help you get there! By utilizing her coaching skills, she helps individuals embrace their struggles and realize their potential in being an overcomer. Susan encourages you to laugh, cry, and if necessary, get angry and through her coaching, you learn to completely embrace those challenges and attain the success you desire! Susan has faced her own difficulties in life and coupled with her intense training, she has learned the art of gaining the most benefit from the things we struggle within everyday life. She can help you embrace whatever life brings your way and help you to grow into your fullest potential. She will encourage you to seize every opportunity life has to offer and turn those difficult challenges into complete fulfillment! Susan can be your guide, supportive coach, and your forever friend!


Federal Project Director 



Working with Susan was an inspirational and truly educational experience. Susan has a wonderful gift of intuition that allowed her to tune into when I wasn’t being completely open with myself, and ask me the tough questions that required me to honestly look at what I was holding on to that was getting in my way. Because of her limitless compassion, she was able to do this in a supportive, empowering and caring way that didn’t feel judgmental and moved the process forward gracefully. I would recommend Susan to others who are interested in developing strategies to silence that inner critic and become their own biggest fan! ~ Trish C.




I went to Susan for coaching around relationships. I felt like I was constantly attracting the wrong men – those that tested me and left me feeling poorly about myself. I was also attracting men who were at least 20 years older than me. What I discovered in working with Susan was life-changing. Susan blessed me with one of my greatest AHA moments.  In a nutshell, my limiting beliefs about myself combined with my anxiety around being tested and my lack of confidence was the truth of what was holding me back in relationships.  Being tested isn’t just within the classroom walls. It shows up in relationships and works as well. When it showed up, I shut down. She ended up coaching me a lot of confidence, and that was exactly what I needed in my pursuit of a healthy relationship. I started off feeling like a victim and being at the effect of my life. I now feel liberated and in control of my life and how I show up. She’s brilliant and I love my weekly coaching calls with Susan!








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