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 Coaching for "connection"

We've all heard that communication is the key.  Yes! it's important but it is NOT the most important relationship skill. It's Complete ownership! And I'm not talking about ownership of your partner.  I'm talking about owning your thoughts, feelings, and judgments. If you don't, you will follow a pattern of blaming others and playing the victim, your life and relationships will suffer.  The connection is why we're here, it gives purpose to our lives.




How would you like to feel more passionate with your partner?

What is passion? Most of us think "lust".  This is when endorphins surge through our brains definitely create lust. What happens to passion when those sexual opiates fade – as they certainly will? That is the time when a couple can choose whether or not they will continue to have passion in their relationship.

   Yes, passion is a choice!

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