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How to Survive, surviving the abuse

The first thing I want to say is "If you feel you or your children are in danger,

call 911 right now".

I can help you after your safe with going forward and 

what you need for the emotional damage of trauma, as a survivor of abuse.

Signs of Psychological Abuse

  1. Threatening to hurt you, your loved ones, your pets, your children, or your possessions

  2. Controlling the time you spend with others or monitoring where you go

  3. Controlling what you wear, often with the accusation that you attract too much attention

  4. Damaging or stealing your belongings

  5. Blaming you for the abuse, saying that you deserve what happens or that you instigated the problem

  6. Gaslighting: saying things to make you question your perception of reality, such as “That never happened, you never remember correctly"

Signs of Emotional Abuse

  1. Attacking your sense of self-worth

  2. Insulting you, calling you names, criticizing you, humiliating you

  3. Acting jealous or possessive, accusing you of being with other partners

  4. Withholding affection or acknowledgment in order to punish you

  5. Cheating on you intentionally

  6. Lying to you

  7. Hiding or controlling money 

If you are not in imminent danger and need help with a game plan to safely leave an abusive relationship, I can help. This could be the most difficult decision you will ever make, but I promise you it is worth living for, I am here to help you.

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