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Susan, thank you so much for your coaching and teaching me neurokinesis techniques! I now sleep well and laugh again! Your help made a difference where nothing else did. I am thrilled to have techniques I can use whenever I am bothered by anxiety or PTSD symptoms.

Thank you!


I’ve landed between a place of forgiveness and hope for the future, I don’t feel like I have OCD anymore or that I’m fighting myself on a daily basis. I’ve learned to talk to myself with love and give myself choices which I never thought I had. I have my difficult moments but they no longer feel like they will last forever, and I’m in a place of gratitude and peace with my past. Thank you, Susan, and if you want to use me for testimony or anything feel free to do so 😊  To give hope to others like me who have been told that they can’t be cured of anxiety or OCD, it’s so freeing to know it’s not a life sentence now!  It’s still hard to believe that something so simple can work better than all the other harder things I’ve tried lol 😂 


Just wanted to thank you again for saving my life..... literally!!! As you know after losing my husband to suicide and my son to a car accident 20 days later in 2012 I was suffering from an extremely severe case of PTSD and depression.  I had been to psychiatrists, therapists, and many different drug therapies only to realize nothing was working for very long. I couldn't work, I had isolated myself and still had 2 daughters that needed me.... then my dad passed away and I now needed to be there to take care of my 93-year-old mom.  You called me and explained to me that there was something that worked.... I was such an unbeliever in any more ways to try and help my PTSD as after all I had tried it seemed to get worse and I had to come to the terms that this was how I would have to live the rest of my

life with the nightmares, constant fears and extreme cognitive impairment which created mass confusion. Well, you took me thru a technique that I couldn't understand how this could possibly work.......Absolute amazement is all I can say.... from that moment on I have worked with you and finally feel like my old self again....I have also stopped all drug therapies, therapists and having an amazing relationship with an amazing patient man that I put thru daughter is leaving for college and I'm ready and excited to work again and reconnect with friends and family... so excited to live the rest of my life, with all the amazing ups and downs that life offers I am able to be the strong amazing women because of these techniques and your coaching.  Thank you again....!!!!!!!


Hi, I think I had a breakthrough yesterday, I had a vision of me standing in a field wearing all this heavy metal armor, and I started taking it off piece by piece. Even my fingers had armor on them, and after I got it all off I was standing in the wind free and light, and the armor laying all around me started to rot away, and I was just in my own skin and free trusting myself and being courageous!

Thank you, S

This coaching has made significant changes in my life. I have had problems concerning anxiety and stress my whole life. I would trigger over little things such as being away from my mom, not having my inhaler (which was for stress-induced “asthma” only), and simply being able to go to classes at the college. For example, after I did the BSW for five days, I was able to attend my EMT class without having major stress reactions (stomach sickness, chest pain, lightheadedness, feeling like I can’t breathe). I used to have to leave the class due to the anxiety even though I really wanted to be there. Another example is my boyfriend is working as a correctional officer and he has some problems with the inmates once in a while. Usually, that stresses me out to the point that I’m depressed all day and cannot get out of that feeling. After the brain sweep, he is able to tell me what happens and I have almost a nonchalant reaction to it. The brain sweep has helped to lower my stress and anxiety and has helped me to be able to do the things I want to do without getting anxiety to the point of having to quit. It’s an amazing change and I’m very glad I took the steps to complete it. Thanks to my coach.

Hi Susan i woke up to a swarm of police officers surrounding what i thought was my house!!!....(scared the crap out of me.) Never did figure out what was happening, i had barely woken up to see all of them surrounding the house next to me......I used to use my hand technic @ night after i prayed & settle myself down but now i just do it for the peace it brings. I am so grateful that u had the sense after all u have known about me to help me with this new way of life. I can honestly say i am content most of the time, but never tormented any longer from day to day. How awesome is that. I put make-up on again & do my hair & get dressed everyday until i get uncomfortable.  When i start fretting i work my hands. My season of despair is coming to a close, now i have no idea what side effects will come with this gift.  Well please don't be a stranger, check in with me from time to time i may need that soothing voice guiding me again on a bad day with the new medication.

Love u 

Learning the neurokenisis technique from Susan has changed my life. I struggled with perfectionism and deep-seeded PTSD.  I am free to live my life free from anxiety and self judgment.  I love this technique so much I have committed myself to becoming a coach and changing others' lives as it has changed mine.

Thank you Susan.

Dr. Bobbie Hall, N.D.

Hi just wanted to give you an update I’m doing really well, lots of new things are happening that I’m really excited about! I’m moving to a bigger apartment, I change my lifestyle and diet, I’m starting a third job and I’m moving on from a relationship that’s not serving me anymore so that I can move towards my own goals in my life and hopefully find a relationship that serves me the way I want. I’m feeling more and more like an adult woman every day with adult goals instead of a little girl with little girl goals and less and less anxiety or ocd. Thank you 😊

One day when I was at my parent's house...which is stressful, I started working my hand's & one of the nurses asked what I was doing? I told her, I was meditating, thus began the process of explaining this technic, although I told them I was not qualified to show them.  I explained that I had worked with a certified Life Coach, and that this was only part of this trauma free exercise and they really needed a qualified Life Coach to show them how to do it. But the best part of all of this is everyone has asked me what is different about me. I have dropped some weight; seem to be more at ease, just some real noticeable changes. I will ask the nurses if they would be interested in really understanding this life-changing program that as far as I know, it's just been part of Life Coach development. Even my concentration & short-term memory is getting better.  I have experienced being able to speak to someone without getting stuck in mid-sentence. This truly has been life changing.

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