This first package will include knowledge of the 7 levels of energetic profile that a person resonates in throughout their day, and how this may be working for them or against them.

Also, introduction to the 5 love languages and 10 steps to discussing any issue to resolution and a better ability to communicate your needs.


New Start: 6 Coaching Sessions (once a week)

@ $197 a session =$1,182 Includes four 15-minute check-in calls (time and date confirmed). Includes, ELI Assessment ($179 value)

New Start


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    Any concepts in this website that refer to Energy Leadership, is based on what I learned in my coach training program with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) based on Bruce D Schneider's work in Energy Leadership. Any concepts in this website that refer to Brain Stimulated Wellness (BSW) I learned from my coach and trainer Karen Sabourin.