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"Brain Stimulated Wellness" Coaching


BSW coaching consists of a set of simple and safe techniques that drastically reduce or eliminate symptoms associated with PTSD and other traumas. Working with the brain, it interrupts triggers and dissipates automatic responses to stressors.

What are the benefits?

I have personally experienced the effects and positive results.

BSW coaching is an important aspect of the systematic approach to act quickly and maintain long-term results.


Personal Autonomy

BSW coaching is a vital life skill that you can easily learn within minutes…so that you are not in continual need of a coach over time. Once you are taught to do the interventions, you may self-administer whenever needed.

This type of coaching does not require a diagnosis or any disclosure of personal information. Your privacy is protected. There is no requirement to tell your story. Therefore, you avoid re-experiencing painful memories in the process of healing.

Releases Blocks

The use of the interventions does not require your mind to believe it will work. In other words, you are no longer emotionally hi-jacked by your history, the stories your mind told you, or limiting beliefs in relation to the past.

Important to note: These positive results are achieved without requiring the use of medications or therapy.

Provides a New Start

When misguided, automatic fight-or-flight responses⎯emotional or physical⎯no longer occur, it paves the way for clarity, empowered choices and meaningful life. 

Produces rapid, long-term relief from symptoms.

Clears anxiety, anger, sadness, and other troubling emotions.

It eliminates the pain of bad or sad memories.

Improves sleep and well-being without the use of medication or other numbing agents.

Alleviates physical issues brought on by stress and strengthens health.

It helps to resolve relationship issues and supports bonding.

Boosts financial security by reinstating earning potential and more…

Who should use BSW Coaching?

You are a candidate for BSW coaching for things as simple as the same old nagging issues that continue to resurface in your life⎯subtle or significant indicators that full healing has yet to occur.

BSW coaching was originally created for the Military but will work for anyone who has been exposed to trauma-inducing situations such as natural disasters, physical injury, war, terrorism, emotional or physical abuse or assault, bullying or any form of violence.

If you are committed to your own and loved ones’ health and well-being, get in touch now.

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